DVR Simulator

DVR Simulator is a FPV Drone Simulator for PC and Virtual Reality headsets. Virtual Reality is used to simulate the FPV goggles (including OSD).

DVR Simulator Unreal Engine 5 Tech Demo


What is DVR Simulator?

  • DVR Simulator is a FPV Drone simulator featuring Freestyle and Racing modes.

Is it already on Steam?

How can I get it now?

What is the development status?

  • Both Freestyle modes are complete
  • The drone editor is made to custimize every physics values, as well as flight controller parameters (Rates, 3D mode, etc.)
  • Input Streaming allows you to stream you RC transmitter inputs from the PC to another device, like an Oculus Quest or an Xbox One

Will be it a paid or a free game?

  • There is a FREE demo on
  • And a $10 early access full version
  • The 1.0.0 release will be $15

Do you have a PRO version?

  • Contact me using the contact form or my email, we can talk about it yes.

What operating system are supported?

WindowsSupportedSteam,, Microsoft Store (UWP)
LinuxSupportedSteam,* (on hold)
Oculus, Oculus AppLab, SideQuest

(*) Mac build is not supported on Steam because Steam requires a signed build. I can’t do that because I don’t have an Apple Developer account. It can change if the game sells well.

What languages are supported?

  • French
  • English
  • More will be added later

What kind of controllers can I use?

  • Gamepads are supported out of the box
  • A large majority of real radio-transmitters such as FrSky, Devo, etc.. on PC
  • The Input Streamer allows you to stream your RC transmitter inputs to the Oculus Quest/Xbox One
  • VR Game Controllers (But it’s not recommanded because joysticks are too small, it’s not precise)
  • Keyboard and Mouse are NOT supported for obvious reasons

Does it support multiplayer?

  • Not now

How many modes are available?

  • Freestyle: Drones, Helicopters, maybe planes
  • Racing

Have you plans to support other type of aircraft?

  • This is something I would love and the code was written in that way
  • There is an helicotper in test

What about physics?

  • RCRates system with presets or custom values (use your own rates)
  • A PID controller will be available for YAW/PITCH/ROLL axis
  • A physics editor allows you to change the Drag, Angular Drag, Interpolation times, PIDs, Rates, etc.

Why do have removed the Learning Module?

  • Mainly because other simulators did that better

I have a question, where can I contact you?