DVR Simulator

DVR Simulator is a FPV Drone Simulator for PC, Mobile and Virtual Reality headsets. It’s main keys are Virtual Reality support to simulate FPV goggles, and a learning module which will teach you how to become a FPV Drone pilot. Of course you can enjoy the Freestyle mode and do the best tricks, or the racing mode.


What is DVR Simulator?

  • DVR Simulator is a FPV Drone simulator

Is it already on Steam?

What is the development status?

  • We’re in private BETA stage, that means only a couple of testers can try it.

When will be it available?

  • Early-access is expected in september 2020
  • The final game is expected for 2021

Will be it a paid or a free game?

  • It’ll a paid game, the price will be low during the open BETA stage and will increase until the final release

What operating system are supported?

  • Windows, Linux
  • Mac (only on
  • Windows Universal Platform (Possibly Xbox One through the Xbox One Creator Program)
  • Android
  • Oculus Quest ( / Sidequest)
  • A WebGL version will be used for marketing purpose only

What languages are supported?

  • French
  • English
  • Arabic
  • More will be added later

What kind of controllers can I use?

  • All Gamepads are supported out of the box
  • A large majority of real radio-transmitters such as FrSky, Devo, etc..
  • VR Game Controllers
  • Keyboard and Mouse are NOT supported for obvious reasons

Does it support multiplayer?

  • Yes
  • The game also supports asynchronous multiplayer

How many modes are available?

  • Freestyle
  • Racing
  • Learning

What about other modes?

  • I’m working on it!

What about physics?

  • Rate system with presets or custom values
  • A PID controller will be available for YAW/PITCH/ROLL axis
  • A physics editor allows you to change the Drag, Angular Drag, Interpolation times, PIDs, Rates, etc.

Can I really learn to fly?

  • You’ll be able to learn the basics, but you’ll be a true pilot with a real quadcopter. The simulator will give you the keys and some reflexes. That way you’ll be more confident for your first fly. In any case, don’t fly alone the first times 😉

I have a question, where can I contact you?

  • By email contact [@] (remove the [ and ] )
  • By Twitter @CYannick
  • By Facebook @DVRSimulator
  • By reddit /u/demonixis