Hi, my name is Yannick, I’m a French game developer and I make games for fun and profit. My journey in game development started when I was 16 yo with Dark Basic. Since then I have learned a lot by working with talented indies and pro game developers. I love virtual and augmented reality, that’s why I decided in 2014 to become an XR game developer.

Demonixis Games has released a few games for Virtual Reality devices on PC and mobile. You can take a look at them on this page. Our last game is GunSpinning VR a wild west VR shooter!

VR Arcade

These games are ready for VR Arcade Rooms or private/public demonstrations, if you want to use them or want more informations, please contact us. All games are made with Unity 3D so it’s easy to adapt them to your needs. By example if you want to use the Optitrack tracking system to move without teleportation, it’s possible.